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Hahn's Hibachi Catering!

*  We specialize in Korean BBQ, and can accomodate         many of your  catering requirements.

*   Our cuisine lends itself to being great at picnics,             festive family gatherings, or where any enthusiastic       eating is going on.

*   We have included below some samples of popular         catering packages, that can suit many kinds of                 occasions.. 

*   We can do custom orders for your event, just let us         know what you are looking for, and we can usually         get the job done.
Some Catering Ideas!
Tempura Combos

Beef Short Ribs &
Tempura Prawns

Grilled Chicken &
Tempura Prawns

BBQ Your Own... With
Hahn's Marinated Meats!

If you are nuts about BBQ.. And you like to do it yourself.. But want a great result! Check out
Hahn's Marinated, Ready To Grill, Meats, Kabobs, Seafood..

All Marinated Items sold per pound.. Call for Quote
Grill Combos

Chicken Beef & Shrimp

Grilled Flank Steak &
Jumbo Prawns

Hahn's Catering Menu